LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The two metro officers who saved the life of a UNLV professor during a mass shooting met with the media Wednesday.

Officers Ty Vesperas and Jacob Noriega said they used their training help the wounded professor when they found him outside Beam Hall.

According to Vesperas, he and Noriega arrived at the scene about the same time.

Noriega jumped into Vesperas’ vehicle and they began looking for the suspect.

“There wasn’t any shooting going on when we arrived,” according to Noriega.

When they arrived by Beam Hall they saw both students and faculty running from the building.

As the crowd thinned they saw the wounded professor.

“We applied a tourniquet and put him in the trunk of police car and Vesperas drove him to safety,” said Noriega.

Meantime UNLV Police and a Metro’s strike team continued looking for the suspect who was eventually shot by UNLV Police.

The suspect died at the scene.

Sheriff Kevin McMahill credited the training regiment officers go through to save lives after a shooting.

“After we’ve shot somebody in an armed encounter between my officers and a suspect we put the gun away and try to save the suspects life,” he said.

The professor is still recovering from the shooting. Three more professors were killed during the mass shooting.


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