LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The former executive director and bookkeeper for the Foundation for Positively Kids have been accused of stealing over $300,000 in funds, a warrant obtained by FOX5 revealed.

The Foundation for Positively Kids was established in 1999 as a nonprofit serving the medically fragile and children in the Clark County foster care system.

The two women — identified as Rita Nadramia and Julie Alston — are accused of altering their vacation hours to get paid in addition to their monthly salaries. Both women were the only ones who had access to the foundation’s accounting records and regularly issued checks to the other 80 employees.

In total, Nadramia is accused of stealing $137,065.10, while Alston is accused of stealing $189,811.20.

The theft was discovered during an audit of the foundation for COVID relief grants. According to the warrant, it was later discovered that an anonymous tip alerted state officials that employees were possibly stealing funds.

Following the initial letter regarding the audit, investigators noted that amended W-2 forms had been created and mailed to the foundation. Upon gathering the new documents, investigators identified two employees — Nadramia and Alston — who had received significant pay increases from 2019 until 2022. It was later discovered that the pay increases were the result of the altered vacation hours.

An investigation revealed that the two women had a stamp of the nonprofit CEO’s signature, which they would use to adjust foundation records to add thousands of hours to their vacation banks and then cash out as if the hours were never used.

Nadramia would leave her position in April 2023, letting her employees know over text that she was quitting.

Alston was interviewed about the theft in June, during which she revealed that Nadramia told her to “make extra checks and alter the books.” She was fired after an internal investigation revealed that she had “erased invoices and documents” to hide the theft, but was not successful in deleting all of them.

Alston was arrested on Feb. 7, but released on her own recognizance. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 8, according to court records.

A warrant for Nadramia’s arrest is still active, though she has not been taken into custody yet. However, a judge ruled that she too could be released after booking.


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