LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A forthcoming report on the 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix will review the overall impact of F1 on the economy and tourism across the Las Vegas Valley, and will also delve deeper into “challenges” for locals and businesses with “recommendations” for improvements.

The agenda summary petitioned by County Manager Kevin Schiller states the contents of the report:

“The event was significant for the region, as it emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic and aimed to reinvigorate the tourism industry. However, with the demand to repave roadways, build a new 300,000-square-foot building, prepare for potential emergencies, and license temporary businesses, there were daily challenges… Following the 2023 LVGP, the County Manager committed to the Board to conduct a thorough review of the work completed by Clark County and its partners to identify lessons learned.

Two (2) debriefing meetings occurred, and the County Manager’s Office compiled all of the information presented into a debriefing report. The debriefing report contains a series of recommendations for Clark County and LVGP.”

FOX5 has covered a group of businesses’ public pleas for Clark County and F1: they urge leaders to stop the return of the temporary Flamingo Bridge, after seven small businesses and counting reported tens of millions of dollars in losses. Spokesperson Lisa Mayo-deRiso told FOX5 about the forthcoming lawsuit.

“It’s a public right away. Every single business and so forth had a right to that public right away. It was shut off and taken from you,” she said. Mayo-DeRiso said she would like other impacted businesses or individuals to eventually come forward.

Mayo-DeRiso requested documents related to the F1 contract with the LVCVA, and obtained a Letter of Intent. It states that 45 days after the race, officials must meet with the LVCVA and stakeholders to discuss feedback and improvements.

A Clark County Commission agenda item for February 20 to discuss F1-related issues and its future was tabled. Chair Tick Segerblom called for the item.

Cooper previously clarified the reasoning for the postponement on February 16.

“The County Manager plans to facilitate a public debrief of the F1 race from the County’s perspective as it relates to the work required by County departments. This discussion will occur in the coming weeks. For this reason, the item noticed for Tuesday’s agenda will instead be included as part of that future discussion,” she said via email. “The County has no contract with F1 or the LVGP. The contract for the F1 race is held by the LVCVA and the LVGP. The Board last year took action to reserve the dates for future F1 races, but this action simply implies the public right of way is reserved for those identified race dates,” she stated.

In 2023, the Clark County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution welcoming the race from the Wednesday to Saturday before Thanksgiving from 2023 through 2032. A follow-up statement on Feb. 21 to media outlets provided more clarity:


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