LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Four teens charged as adults in the beating death of their high school classmate appeared in Clark County Justice Court on Thursday and their attorneys asked the judge to set bail for the suspects.

Damien Hernandez, Dontral Beaver, Gianni Robinson and Treavion Randolph were each represented by individual counsel but appeared before the court together. Two of the defense attorneys had already filed motions for a bail hearing, while the other two acknowledged that they are at different stages of the case, including reviewing discovery, but that they intend to file similar motions.

In response, the prosecution asked for a bond of $250,000 each for the four suspects charged with second-degree murder. Judge Nadia Wood declined to set bail at today’s hearing, but said that she will look at each case individually and issue rulings on the topic next week.

During the hearing, the defense attorneys claimed that Lewis was the instigator, throwing the first punch, and said that their clients were acting in self-defense. Some also asserted that their clients were less responsible for Lewis’ death than other suspects involved.

Chief Deputy District Attorney John Giordani took issue with some of the categorizations provided by the defense attorneys, referring the judge to still photos of the suspects kicking Lewis while he was on the ground.

“You saw the photos,” he said. “Jonathan is in the fetal position as he is raining down blows on him,” he noted of Beaver. The prosecutor also referenced another photo that showed Randolph kicking the victim in the head.

“They swarmed him together,” he noted. “They kicked and stomped him together.”

“What occurred here is obviously very concerning,” Judge Wood observed. “An individual…a child died.”

A preliminary hearing for the suspects was scheduled for January 18, 2024.


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