LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A multi-million dollar project would completely redesign Maryland Parkway, adding 50 covered bus stops, new shared bus-and-bike lanes, widened sidewalks and upgraded pedestrian crossings.

Most of that work would happen on Maryland between Russell and Carson, and would include the six lanes of Maryland being reduced to four to make room for those bus and bike lanes.

RTC told FOX5 back in November that this would not create traffic issues.

“Maryland Parkway traffic volumes don’t necessarily warrant six travel lanes for thorough movements, just don’t have that kind of demand,” RTC Deputy CEO David Swallow said.

However, Clark County lists Maryland as a principal arterial, carrying between 30,000 and 35,000 cars each day. There are also about 9,000 bus riders on Maryland each day, according to RTC, which also points out that those six lanes would still exist if this project gets the green light.

“When you look at Maryland Parkway, right now it’s constructed with six lanes, six travel lanes,” Swallow said in November. “When we get done, there are still going to be six lanes there.”

Those lanes would be specifically for buses and bikes, though, with an exception for right turns.

The City of North Las Vegas will decide Wednesday whether to increase funding for this project, and is expected to be the first municipality to sign on to the latest version of the agreement.

All of the municipalities within Clark County, including the county itself, would need to sign on to this agreement for it to move forward.

According to its website, RTC plans to begin construction later this year and to finish the project in 2026.


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