LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Animal control in Henderson is on the lookout for a Canada goose that was impaled with an arrow.

Residents spotted the goose Sunday morning by a pond at Reflection Bay Golf Club along Montelago Boulevard at Lake Las Vegas.

A homeowner who did not want to be identified spotted the goose while walking her dog.

“To see a steel arrow puncture an avian is not what you would expect on a Sunday morning stroll,” she said.

The bird was hobbling along.

The National Division of Wildlife has been called in after a goose was found shot with an arrow in Henderson, NV(FOX5)

Animal Control and Henderson Police were called by concerned residents. Henderson Police confirmed Animal Care and Control tried to assist the goose but was unable to corral it Sunday.

The goose was not seen Monday.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife is also aware of the situation and has passed on the information to its law enforcement division.


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