LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Harry Reid Airport has prepared to welcome as many as 300,000 people into Las Vegas ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, just on commercial flights.

Inbound flights from Friday through Sunday hold 300,000 seats, according to a spokesperson with the airport. From Friday to Monday, the airport will accommodate 4,500 flights into and out of Las Vegas.

High demand for private jets means there is no more parking space available, from North Las Vegas to Henderson Airport. Monday is expected to be the busiest travel day.

Airport officials advise people to follow the “4-3-2-1″ game plan:

  • Four hours before your flight, prepare to depart for the airport.
  • Three hours before, check in your bags.
  • Two hours before your flight leaves, get into the security line.
  • One hour before, make sure you are waiting at your gate.

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