LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – As voters across the state prepare to voice their presidential preference in either the election or at their caucus, some of Henderson’s children are getting a tasty lesson in exercising their right to vote.

“I voted for cookies and cream, my sister voted for chocolate, and my other sister voted for vanilla.”

Kids aren’t voting for candidates, but rather on ice cream flavors. The City of Henderson is letting youngsters cast ballots on their favorite flavors when their parents cast ballots for elected leaders.

Just like with the candidates, the list of flavors will narrow with each subsequent election.

The city hopes participating in the process will teach kids about how it works and encourage them to continue the practice through adulthood.

“This is an opportunity to research and learn more about candidates,” Henderson Elections Administrator Julie Chapman told FOX5. “So in this case, it’s ice cream candidates, maybe they’re going out and they’re having a sampling and tasting all the ice cream flavors and doing their analysis and research as far as which one is their actual favorite so they’re more engaged in the voting process. and something they can take when its time for them to make decisions about voting when they turn 18 they’ll understand some of the research process to select a candidate”

There is some sweet motivation for youngsters to participate in the process. They get a coupon for free ice cream each time they vote.


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