LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The walkways outside and casino floors inside the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Resort were packed full of people Monday night as the historic hotel prepares to close its doors for good.

“It’s just sad. It’s just sad to see it go,” Letisia Castillo, who drove from Los Angeles to stay at Tropicana on its final night, told FOX5.

Castillo paid about $300 for her room as soon as she heard when it was closing.

“It’s something I just felt I needed to do,” she said. “I immediately booked it. I knew the rates were going to go up, so I was like, ‘Let me book while the rates are still affordable.’”

Room rates soared as high as $1,500 for the hotel’s final days.

Others who spoke with FOX5 outside the hotel just wanted to get a close-up look before the 67-year-old building closes down.

“With the Tropicana gone, it feels like vintage Vegas is just fading away bit by bit,” Las Vegas local Jordan McCall said wistfully.

“What I’m going to miss is just the history behind it,” visitor Ernie Fuentez added. “I never got to see old Vegas, so this is the closest thing that I will get to seeing old Vegas, is the Tropicana.”

Some folks reminisced on old memories at the hotel.

“We stayed at the Tropicana. It was a beautiful place. We loved it,” Shelly Sierzputowski said of her first time staying there in 1993. “We just wanted to pay homage to it and, you know, kind of bring back some memories from 30 years ago.”

Others are seizing on this moment to try to make some quick money, like a person listing a water bottle from the hotel for sale for $1,000.


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