LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Lake Mead National Recreation Area saw more than 5.8 million people in 2023.

According to a graph provided, lake visits spiked in 1995 with 9,838,702 visits. The exact number of visits in 2023 provided by park officials is 5,798,541.

Since 1937, the park saw 461,657,47 visitors so far.

As for water levels, park officials say the water elevation was 1,076.52 feet since Monday morning. The Bureau of Reclamation says the most probable 24-month projection for the end of 2024 is 1,055.45 feet.

This projection is based on the Dec. 2023 Operation Plan for Colorado River System Reservoirs.

In an operation update, officials say helicopters and drilling crews are working on behalf of the Southern Nevada Water Authority around the lower Las Vegas wash until mid-March 2024.

“Their engineering and construction teams must perform geotechnical investigations around proposed new erosion control structures (weirs) planned in the lower wash,” officials said. “The helicopter and drill work occurs in remote locations but can be visible from the campground and other areas near the Las Vegas Bay area.”

There are no trail closures reported as of Tuesday afternoon.

With elevated water levels, the concrete boat ramp at Callville Bay Marina is currently open and managed by the marina.

Lake Mead Cruises and the Desert Princess are closed for the winter and will reopen on 31 March 2024, official say.

Temple Bar has installed a portable Mobi-Mat for boat launching managed by the marina. They currently recommend launching boats smaller than 40 feet. Officials say to contact 928-767-3211 with any questions.

There are upcoming events that may slow access to certain areas:

  • Fishing tournament at Echo Bay on March 9
  • Fishing tournament at Willow Beach on March 9
  • Baptism at Swim Beach on March 9
  • Fishing tournament at Cottonwood Cove between March 10 to 17
  • Fishing tournament at Las Vegas Bay Picnic Area from March 15 to 17.

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