LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The countdown is on for a historic Las Vegas Strip property to close its doors for good.

The Tropicana Hotel will close next month to make room for the A’s new baseball stadium. However, behind those doors at the Tropicana, you have more than 60 years of history.

That history is about to go down to the ground after the hotel starts demolition, but there is a unique piece of artwork that some folks are hoping won’t turn to dust.

When you walk into the Tropicana, chances are you have gotten a glimpse of their unique stained glass ceiling. The ceiling has been shining light through the hotel for many years.

On the other side, after the lights turn off in April and the hotel goes dark for good, artists believe it would be a shame for this hand-crafted masterpiece to be destroyed.

The park includes 2,500 parking spaces and is designed to receive no direct sunlight.

FOX5 caught up with a local glass artist who tells us he can’t fathom the unique art piece being destroyed.

Rick Falzone is the owner of Southwest Stained Glass and Sin City Glass Art.

Falzone has been doing glass-stained art since he was in high school, and he said the intricate artwork should be preserved.

“It will change colors throughout the day depending on the intensity of the sunlight coming through the window. That’s what fascinated me about it,” Falzone said.

He hopes the new ballpark will try to preserve at least some of the glass.

“Get it together, people, figure out some way to incorporate this piece of Las Vegas history into your beautiful new stadium,” Falzone said.

FOX5 has reached out to Bally’s, which is the owner of the Tropicana, but they tell us they have not made any decisions on what they plan to do with the ceiling.

The Tropicana closes its doors for good on April 2.


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