LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A condo owner in Las Vegas says a chunk of the ceiling in his unit collapsed during last week’s rain, and he blames the building’s homeowner’s association for failing to repair the roof that was damaged weeks before.

“Water was just like pouring down, and then it got progressively worse. As you can see, like half the ceiling is missing now,” said Dashiell Love, the condo owner’s son who lives in the unit, showing the damage Sunday.

A section of ceiling in the bedroom of his condo near Paradise and Twain collapsed after rain late last week.

“I had to sleep just on the other side of this wall that first night, and I was worried that, like, what if it collapses over there on top of me while I’m sleeping?” Love recalled.

The condos are individually owned units with a homeowner’s association that is responsible for the common areas, like the roof.

The owner of this particular unit says the original damage to the building’s roof happened during the wind storm the first weekend of March. He sent multiple emails to the HOA, and he was told they were working to set up repairs, and a tarp was installed to protect the roof until it was fixed.

But then, rain hit the valley.

“Tarps I don’t imagine are going to keep the water out on a big flat surface. It’s just going to go around the edges,” said Love, “and as you can see, that’s exactly what happened.”

The unit owner said he can’t get started on the indoor repairs until the roof is fixed. The HOA told FOX5 that those roof repairs are now scheduled for next Monday, March 25. They also said part of the reason why it took so long to schedule the roof repairs is because there are only two companies in town that repair this type of roof.

While he waits for the repairs, Love is just hoping the damage doesn’t spread to the living room, and it doesn’t rain again in the meantime.

“I had the fire department here because I was worried if my ceiling collapsed, what’s going to stop the downstairs neighbor’s ceiling from collapsing and this thousand-pound bed falling on somebody and killing them? They at least told me that this floor is built more strong, like it shouldn’t collapse,” said Love.

Love and his father said they still don’t know the extent of the damage inside their unit. Love also said multiple neighbors are dealing with similar water damage in their units.


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