LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Super Bowl visitors are touching down in Las Vegas, and some local businesses, like the Legacy Golf Club in Henderson, are offering parking for those traveling in RVs.

“Every RV park, every campground, anywhere you can put an RV, I guarantee you it’s full at this point. So people are looking for places to park,” said Joel Holland from Harvest Hosts, the service that connects RV drivers with small businesses offering parking.

”Demand is really high right now. We’ve had a great influx of requests,” said Trey Orrell, Director of Operations at Legacy Golf Club. “If you’re looking to be a little more private and have that space to yourself, this is a really great option.”

Legacy Golf Club is one of seven businesses in the Las Vegas/Pahrump region, including breweries and wineries, that offers RV parking through Harvest Hosts.

“The program’s an honor system, so our code of conduct says, ‘Spend some money with the host you visit, buy the produce, buy the wine,’” said Holland.

Unlike the Super Bowl matchup on the field, in this deal, everybody wins. The RVs have a unique, private place to park, and the host property gets a little boost in business and exposure.

“Really provides a positive impact to our business, coming and using the restaurant, golf course, and supporting the district down the road,” said Orrell.

With the Super Bowl and LIV golf tournament in town this week, both Legacy and Revere Golf Clubs in Henderson are booked full for RV parking, bringing a welcome addition to their revenue as the golfing off-season wraps up.


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