LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The latest development in Downtown Las Vegas has a special meaning to the city’s mayor.

“The heart of the city has got to be full of culture and excitement and places to live,” Mayor Carolyn Goodman told FOX5. “Places to shop and things to do.”

Goodman is about to begin her final year as Mayor of the City of Las Vegas. During her time in office, she’s seen countless construction projects, the latest of which is a civic center set to open in stages starting in December 2024.

It’s being built on two square blocks just south of City Hall, with space for retail, a gallery, a 911 call center and public meeting facilities, along with flexibility in open areas of the development.

“It’s an outdoor gathering space that we know will be enjoyed, but we can also do some entertaining there,” Goodman explained.

Goodman stresses the importance of the civic center’s location, especially for those who live and work downtown.

“We have lots of apartments and housing that’s being built also, because there’s an appetite to live near where you work and not have to fight traffic, but shop and do everything,” she said.

Goodman sees this center as a boon for those who live and work outside of downtown as well.

“It’s where the major roads that go out of state come together,” she noted. “So it is a natural place for anybody coming through to come into the heart of downtown, see what’s going on. And this will bring us great pride.”

FOX5 asked Mayor Goodman whether she hopes the timing of the opening, just as she’s leaving office, will have an impact on her legacy. She replied that her focus is not on being remembered.

“To me, it’s about what comes forward in the future,” Goodman said. “The excitement that goes on every day in the city, no matter what is happening.”

The massive project will cost an estimated $165 million to build.


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