LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released another batch of police body camera video from the deadly December 6 shooting at UNLV.

Three professors were shot and killed while a fourth faculty member was wounded. UNLV police officers killed the 67-year-old gunman.

Different body cameras from Metro officers shows them racing to UNLV in their cars. At one point, officers were told to watch their speed while approaching campus because many students were seen running.

Officers were also told shots were being heard. One officer in his patrol car can be heard on camera saying, “Active shooter love you,” It is unclear who that officer was talking to.

Police officers also got word that people had been shot prior to entering Beam Hall, where the deadly shooting happened. Officers are seen sprinting into Beam Hall.

Officers’ guns are drawn as they roam through the building and check out different floors. A loud alarm wailed throughout the video and some officers wanted it turned off.

Police released flash bangs into some rooms and video shows officers trying to kick a door open. They then tear through a wall to get access to a room. In another portion of the video, officers begin to see the victims.

“One down. One down. One victim. One victim,” says an officer.

While searching, officers were told the gunman was still active. The video also indicated officers initially weren’t sure how many gunmen there were.

“Hold this back hallway. They’re clearing all the rooms from here forward. And then we’ll probably fall back. They got one suspect down. Don’t know if there’s any more,” says an officer.

UNLV police officers ended up confronting the gunman outside Beam Hall, killing him. Police haven’t talked about an exact motive for the shooting, but the gunman had applied to several colleges in Nevada and was rejected for employment.


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