LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A tiny home listed for rent in the Las Vegas Valley has gotten an overwhelming response from renters intrigued by the tiny home lifestyle or desperate for an affordable place to live.

The tiny home is 160 square feet, fully furnished, and has electricity, plumbing, WiFi and its own backyard with its separate entrance. It sits on the property of the homeowner.

The landlord listed rent for $950 a month with all utilities included and was not prepared for the influx of inquiries.

“I’ve literally have 113 and counting people. [My phone] keeps ringing on wanting to rent it. It’s definitely in people’s heart to want to save some money right now. This economy’s tough, and just doing my share on trying to help someone out,” the landlord said, who wanted to remain anonymous.

A recent Zillow report shows the average rental is $1,745 in Las Vegas and people need to make $70,000 to afford a rental. Wages in the Entertainment Capital of the World have not kept pace with rising rent.

Las Vegas also has the highest rate of evictions in the country among major cities, and evictions or missed rental payments cause a blemish on prospective renter’s credit scores.

“I, of course, I can’t help 113 people, someone’s going to definitely be living here,” the landlord said.

He’s built about a dozen tiny homes for people who want to live in them or rent them out to tenants.

In 2023, Nevada passed a law requiring cities with populations above 150,000 to create zoning laws for tiny homes.

In Las Vegas, where a tiny home community exists Downtown:

“The city is currently in the process of amending its code to make it explicitly clear what zoning classifications allow tiny homes to comply with NRS 278.253. For those who want to build an accessory dwelling unit on their property, like a tiny home or a casita, they will need to go through the planning process to ensure they are meeting the city’s zoning requirements as well as pulling a building permit and ensuring that they meet the building safety standards.

In terms of the downtown location that went through the appropriate process and was approved.”

In Henderson:

“Per code, stand-alone tiny homes may be permitted as a single-family residential unit or within a tiny house park in the RMH (Manufactured Home Residential) zoning district.

The adopted regulations clarified that a tiny house will be permitted in all districts where Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are allowed today. They will be subject to the standards as defined in Title 19 (19.9.4.B.6) for ADUs. Any restrictions for tiny homes within those zoning districts would relate to setbacks, building height, and the size of the structure.”

In North Las Vegas:

“A tiny house is allowed as an accessory dwelling unit. An accessory dwelling unit is allowed in certain residential zoning districts with the approval of a special use permit. A development of tiny homes is only allowed with an approved Planned Unit Development. If a homeowner has a properly zoned house, they can apply for the special use permit to build the accessory dwelling (like a casita). They could rent the accessory dwelling out on a monthly basis.”

FOX5 is waiting for more information from Clark County officials on tiny homes in unincorporated areas.


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