LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Super Bowl 58 is done, and some of the people who helped put it together are calling it a massive success.

“I have an absolute different view of this community than I did before I got here,” Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee President & CEO Sam Joffray told FOX5 Monday. “I learned very fast about how passionate this community is about this destination and how engaged they are.”

Joffray arrived in Las Vegas in 2021, and shortly after the city was chosen to host a Super Bowl later that year, he moved to the Valley full-time to set up the Host Committee. Along the way, he worked with local leaders like Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson.

“It was a complete county team effort that was carried out,” Gibson said proudly. “We did it. We did everything the NFL had hoped we would do, and some things where they didn’t imagine we’d be able to pull it off.”

The Las Vegas Valley is officially off the clock as of Monday morning.

“I think it’s a good footprint for future Super Bowls here,” Joffray noted.

Both Gibson and Joffray are bullish on the idea of more Super Bowls coming to Las Vegas in the future.

“Legacy was at the core of everything we did with this Super Bowl because we knew that we weren’t just hosting our first Super Bowl — we were laying the foundation for all future Super Bowls,” Joffray said. “Once you host a Super Bowl, it tells the other major event owners in this industry that Vegas is not only just Vegas, but it’s Vegas that can easily handle a Super Bowl.”

As for the particulars of what might change for a future Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Joffray mentioned different configurations for things like the Super Bowl Fan Experience and Radio Row, which were both staged in Mandalay Bay. Joffray also hinted at expanding the festivities to involve even more of the valley, although he kept the plans general.

“We have no shortage of ideas and plans that were not executed for this one because we decided to just focus on getting this one right,” Joffrey said.

In the leadup to the Super Bowl, the NFL and Host Committee helped raise more than $3 million for local charities, along with another $2 million for other programs to benefit the community.


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