LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Copper theft repairs are coming to a main thoroughfare in Las Vegas for the fifth time, with new changes to deter criminals.

Since January 2023, county crews said thieves have targeted Lamb Boulevard between Charleston Road and Sahara Avenue multiple times and crews have replaced wiring four times; two repairs occurred twice this year.

The fifth repair will start Monday at 7 a.m., and as a deterrent, crews will install wiring at the top of lights more than 15 feet high.

Clark County is creating a copper theft task force to crack down on criminals and create a reward program to report crimes.

The stretch of darkness on Lamb Road lasts about a mile, and with speeds over 30 miles an hour, drivers call the short trek precarious.

Chair Tick Segerblom, who is working to create a regional copper theft task force, describes the repairs to major thoroughfares as urgent and a priority to protect drivers, pedestrians and bus users.

County officials acknowledged delays due to ongoing thefts, staffing shortages and supply chain issues. Segerblom said crews can generally tackle 5 to 10 lights a day; the county has reported 300 sites targeted by thieves.

Numerous viewers have reached out to FOX5 about their dark streets and dark neighborhoods.

“Ever since the streets went dark, we’ve been having vandalisms,” said a neighbor who called the Rant to complain about outages on Powell Avenue. “We just want the lights back on,” he said.

County officials said they will work to address the repair in a timely fashion.


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