LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Las Vegas man is facing charges related to terrorism after threatening to bring an AR-15 to a Smith’s store earlier this month.

41-year-old Elvis Tuck was taken into custody on Saturday, March 2 after his father informed the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that he was going “to Smith’s to threaten employees.”

LVMPD officers located Tuck outside a nearby restaurant, where he was “ordering tacos,” and took him into custody. Tuck’s demeanor then became “aggressive toward officers,” and the report noted that he had a “strong odor of alcohol and appeared drunk.” A black pocketknife was also found on Tuck’s person during the arrest.

Tuck’s father told LVMPD that he had been “drinking nonstop for more than ten days and stated he was going to Smith’s with a knife [to] threaten employees,” according to the report.

His father also said in a written statement that he believes Tuck “thinks people are hunting him.”

A manager from the Smith’s location also said in a written statement that Tuck would call the store numerous times and threaten the employees, saying, “Should I bring an AR-15?” Additionally, the manager claimed that Tuck would show up drunk at the store and “demand more alcohol,” the report noted.

Police would also later learn, after interviewing store employees, that Tuck had thrown a punch at the day shift manager. Another employee told police that Tuck had told them he had a weapon and “motioned to his waistband as if he was reaching for [it].”

Tuck is facing charges of making terroristic threats, burglary, assault, and stalking. According to court records, Tuck was out of custody on other charges at the time of his arrest, which included attempted home invasion and DUI.

He is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, March 19.


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