LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – If you are looking for the best Christmas light home displays in the Las Vegas Valley, there is an easy way to find them.

There is a comprehensive map with hundreds of homes, a list that’s been growing for more than a decade. It’s interactive, and you can look at homes near your neighborhood and throughout the Vegas Valley. There are 360 homes on the Vegas Family Guide’s Best Lights List.

“This is Christmas on Colenso. We have just over 15,000 lights. Last year we had 4,700, so we’ve tripled the display in a year,” described Chris Hanna to FOX5 standing in his driveway. Each night, 16 songs play from 5 p.m. to midnight on radio station 99.9 as the lights and the little ones dance along.

“I’ve caught people out here for an hour just sitting in their car watching the music, listening to the show. I saw on my camera one night we had a couple out here, they were slow dancing,” Hanna recounted.

“I grew up basically loving Christmas lights. I decorated my mom’s house back was I was 16,” Hanna revealed. Hanna explained that his mom is his inspiration.

“Unfortunately, my mom got diagnosed with cancer and I had last year to do it, so I just had to jump in, make a show happen, and fortunately she was able to see it,” Hanna shared.

Like the displays, the map is a labor of love, with countless hours spent by the team at Vegas Family Guide who drive by each home before adding it to their illustrious illuminated list.

“This is the 13th year that we’ve been doing the map. It started really small, just picking out some homes and letting families know, and every year it grows. Every day we get 10-15 submissions,” Nannette Melamed, Co-owner of Vegas Family Guide stated.

In addition to homes in the Vegas Valley, this year they’ve also added 20 homes in Mesquite. Their site also lists the top 20 homes alongside the map that can guide you on a customized Christmas light journey.

“The homeowners who put on these light displays put tons of time and effort into it and really light up people’s lives during December,” Melamed contended.

You can find the map at

Also, on the map is the longest light display in town! Glittering Lights runs through January 7th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Stay warm inside your car as you tour thousands of lights. All proceeds benefit Speedway Children’s Charities. You can purchase tickets now at here on


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