LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Las Vegas police say at least 35 people have been killed in crashes in their jurisdiction so far this year, and it’s only March 4.

Eight of those deaths happened in the last two weeks alone. Metro police are now pleading with drivers on social media to make better choices.

“That driver was driving recklessly, lost control of his vehicle, went head-on into another vehicle, killing its passenger,” said an officer at the scene of one fatal crash.

1 dead, 2 hospitalized following head-on crash near Lake Mead, Decatur (

“Here on scene of yet another preventable fatal traffic collision. In this event, we have two vehicles that left a neighborhood bar and were racing,” said an officer at the scene of another fatal crash.

Two dead in overnight hit-and-run crash in central Las Vegas (

Video shows the cars badly damaged in those crashes, due to what police call “preventable choices,” like speeding, racing and driving under the influence.

FOX5 spoke to neighbors near two of those recent deadly crashes that happened just a few days and a few miles apart. They both said they hear racing and collisions outside their homes often.

“They drive way too fast up and down the street, they race, they do donuts in front of the property, they’ve torn down my wall a few times, there’s been a fatality right in the crosswalk with a motorcycle and a car. It’s really out of control,” said Roni Mclemore.


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