LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The final moments of a North Las Vegas pastor’s life captured on video are now being revealed in a wrongful death lawsuit. The woman accused of killing the pastor his next-door neighbor Joe Junio. Junio is charged with murder, attempted murder, and child abuse.

The victim’s wife who was also shot filed the lawsuit seeking an unspecified amount sharing with the world what happened in the moments her husband life was taken allegedly by an angry neighbor.

New court documents include a screenshot from a video taken by one of the pastor’s children (ages 12 and 15) who were inside the family’s car as their father 46-year-old Nick Davi was shot and killed in front of them. Their mother Sarah Davi, shot moments later, survived.

“Your mind just can’t process that,” explained fellow pastor of Grace Point Church Ty Neal to FOX5. Neal shared the family was terrorized for weeks by their neighbor to the point that had left their home and were staying elsewhere.

The deadly shooting happened December 29, 2023, on Lookout Lodge Lane inside the gated Court of Aliante, a community of townhomes. Court documents report the neighbor confronted the pastor and his family in front of his home after he made complaints about her to their homeowner’s association. The lawsuit alleges the HOA then told Junio about those complaints.

Though the lawsuit does not name the HOA it says quote: “The homeowner’s association knew or should have known that Defendant would likely perform violent actions against deceased and Plaintiff as a result of on-going association dispute.”

The lawsuit also claims Junio did not have a license or permit to carry a firearm, that she borrowed it from someone. They intend to track that person down and sue them as well.

A GoFundMe for the family has reached $89,000 of its $100,000 goal. Learn more here: Davi Family GoFundMe.


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