LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – In an order filed on December 14, the Nevada Supreme Court denied a motion by Nathan Chasing Horse, 46, to drop a sexual assault case filed against him.

“We are not satisfied that petitioner has demonstrated that entertaining the writ is warranted,” the court wrote. It cited an Eighth Judicial District Court ruling that requires “the burden of demonstrating that extraordinary relief is warranted” before granting such a motion.

Justice Douglas Herndon offered a dissenting opinion, saying that he “would exercise jurisdictional discretion and entertain the writ in order to reach the merits of the issues raised in the petition.”

The defendant is charged with abusing Indigenous women and girls for more than a decade. A Nevada grand jury indicted him on 19 counts in February and he now faces charges in four different jurisdictions after his January arrest by SWAT officers near the home he shared with his five wives in North Las Vegas.

In April, his public defender, Kristy Holston, asked to put a pause on proceedings while they asked the Nevada Supreme Court to dismiss the case on the basis that the sexual encounters with two women identified as victims in the Nevada case were consensual. One of them was younger than 16, the age of consent in Nevada, when she says the sexual abuse began.


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