LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Last week, Las Vegans got a first look at the updated renderings for the stadium the Oakland Athletics are planning to build on the Strip at the site of Tropicana.

While the renderings give us a look at the big picture, they don’t know some of the more intricate details planned to be included in the final design that will pay tribute to the team’s new home. A planned partnership between the A’s and the Neon Museum would fill parts of the stadium with classic neon lights.

“We have a partnership, and it’s something that I think both sides are super excited about,” A’s President Dave Kaval told FOX5, adding that he’s looking forward to putting a vintage Vegas touch on the stadium. “When people are there, they feel that it’s truly a Vegas experience. And that’s going to be important. We’re going to want to put on a show at these games.”

The Neon Museum sent FOX5 a statement:

“The Neon Museum is excited about the possibility of partnering with the A’s and showcasing some of the stories of Las Vegas through our sign and archival collections, although there are no confirmed plans on what signs could be included in the new stadium complex design. Such a partnership would allow the history of the city to be shared and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.”

Kaval says he hopes to make use of some of the most iconic signs from old Vegas in the design of the ballpark.

“Using a lot of the old signs, restoring them, and making it part of the fan experience,” he said about his plans. “Whether or not they could light up when a home run is hit or just be part of the atmosphere in the venue.”

Before the Oakland Athletics played the Milwaukee Brewers at Las Vegas Ballpark Friday night, young fans got a chance to get up close.

Neon is not the only kind of history Kaval wants to celebrate.

“This is going to be our fourth city that we’re in, and I think there’s a storyline in that, too,” he said. “Celebrating all the eras in Kansas City, Philadelphia, Oakland and now Las Vegas.”

The A’s are tied for third among all MLB teams in World Series Championships and boast dozens of Hall of Famers. Kaval plans to commemorate some of the franchise’s past legends in the design of the new park, although he did not go into detail about how exactly that would be done.

“We have all these different people that I think we can celebrate as part of our history, and that can draw people into why you would want to root for the team,” he said.

In addition to the signs, there are also plans to include a satellite location of the Neon Museum inside one of the concourses of the new stadium.


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