LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Neon Museum has seen some big changes since the start of the new year, with several more restored signs and a new policy that dramatically increases the amount of people who can visit.

“We are now an organization that lets people visit at their own pace,” executive director Aaron Berger told FOX5 Thursday. “For many people who have visited Las Vegas many times, or are natives or locals or transplants, they know the stories. And so what we’ve done is we’ve scaled back and made the tours optional.”

This change, which Berger says might be the biggest for the museum since it opened in 1996, will result in accommodating about 200 more people per hour than usual.

“Last year alone, we turned away 40,000 people due to sellout nights,” Berger said.

Visitors will still have the opportunity to learn more, even on their free-roam tours, by scanning QR codes in front of certain signs. They’ll also be able to partake in a full tour if they choose.

“They can enjoy it by taking the tour with their docent who’s going to give them more information, or they can then wander at their own pace and look at some of the signage that we have on display,” Berger explained.

In February, the Neon Museum will feature Black History signage throughout its Boneyard area and will also start up a Viva Las Vegas Movie Tour.


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