LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – New video and images show the chaos leading up to and immediately following a suspect attacking a Clark County judge, leaping over a lectern.

Deobra Redden is facing attempted murder charges after jumping and attacking Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a sentencing hearing on separate charges in early January. Video of the attack went viral.

New audio recordings have been released of the radio traffic in the moments after a Clark County judge was attacked by a defendant in her courtroom.

A grand jury indicted Redden on attempted murder charges last week. Evidence shown to that grand jury included the full video of the attack and the hearing that led up to it, along with new video of Redden allegedly spitting on a corrections officer and photos of a bloody and messy lectern after the attack.

New photos show a bloody and messy lectern after a defendant attacked a judge in Clark County court.(Clark County District Court)

In grand jury testimony, one corrections officer said Redden didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the attack.

Q: Did he make any statements to you?

A: Yeah, so a couple things he said. The first thing that kind of stuck out was he looked at us both and asked us if we thought anything he did was wrong.

Q: And did he make any other statements to you about the incident?

A: Yeah. So basically he asked that and then he also mentioned that he thought that the judge had it out for him and that she was evil and she got what she deserved.

Q: And these were spontaneous statements that he made to you, correct, you were not questioning him?

A: Absolutely spontaneous. We didn’t ask him anything.

Previously unreleased video also showed Redden spitting on a corrections officer during jail transport the day after the attack. The video is short and has no audio, but a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police detective said Redden spat on an officer as they moved him to a cell.

Judge Holthus was able to share her side of the attack during the indictment proceedings.

“If they [coworkers] hadn’t been there, I would not be here,” the judge stated. “I was no match. He was absolutely taking me out.”

Redden’s arraignment in Clark County District Court is scheduled for Feb. 29.


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