LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The biggest sporting event in the history of Southern Nevada is a little more than two months away from kicking off in Las Vegas.

The excitement for Super Bowl LVIII is starting to build with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his staff visiting Las Vegas as they continue to prepare for the big game.

Tuesday morning was a who’s who of sports dignitaries at the Caesars Forum, with every brand represented, including the UFC, F1, NBA and the world champion Vegas Golden Knights and Las Vegas Aces.

“You’ve really become sports town USA, you really have,” smiled Goodell while talking to the crowd during a question and answer session with Raiders president Sandra Douglass Morgan.

“I have no doubt this will be a successful Super Bowl, and we’ll be back here a lot for Super Bowls, “explained Goodell. “This is so much more than a sports town; it really is the sports entertainment capital of the world. To have that platform, the stadium it’s our stage, we saw that immediately. Mark Davis said, ‘When are we getting the Super Bowl?’ A lot of our owners knew we were going to play our big events here from day one.”

The Super Bowl is always the hottest ticket of the year, no matter the town. However, the NFL says the Las Vegas effect hits differently.

“We’re not going to have enough inventory to take care of everybody for the demand, that’s natural, but it’s happening sooner. The buzz is off the charts, and has never been higher. Again, I think that’s what you attributed to what you built here in this community, and I think that’s going to continue and build, I think it will be extraordinary.”

Also in attendance at Tuesday’s event were representatives from 29 different local non-profits. At the end of the event, they were awarded with a surprise $1.2 million in grants.

In addition, the Super Bowl Committee, in partnership with the NFL Foundation, launched a legacy grant program that will donate $3 million to the community between now and Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024.


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