LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The NFL will recognize and honor players and coaches from the Lahainaluna High School football team during Sunday’s Super Bowl by making them honorary toin coss captains.

The August 2023 wildfires virtually destroyed historic Lahaina and everything around it. Many of the coaches and players on their team love their homes, their belongings, and in some cases their loved ones in the blaze. Despite the tragedy, the team rallied and played out their abbreviated season

Lahainaluna High School football coaches Dean Rickard, Garret Tihada, and Bobby Watson will join players Morgan “Bula” Montgomery, Teva Loft, Kaulana Tihada, and Kuola Watson as honorary coin toss captains.

Maui native and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Marcus Mariota will be on hand to narrate a special introductory video that celebrates the team’s resilience and honors them for the inspiration they provided their community during a most difficult time.

“We are honored to have members of the Lahainaluna football team join us as coin toss captains at Super Bowl LVIII to recognize their incredible efforts in inspiring and rebuilding their community.”

The NFL says it is committed to supporting Maui through its recovery. It’s already provided Lahainaluna, and intermediate school, and a Pop Warner team with grants to replace their football gear.

“The school would like to thank the NFL and its partners for this unimaginable opportunity and their continued support for Lahaina,” said Lahainaluna High School Principal, Richard Carosso. “We are very excited for our coaches and players to be a part of the Super Bowl and are proud of how well they represent the values and spirit of their team, the school, and the Lahaina community.”

In addition, the NFL, in conjunction with USA Football and Riddell, will replace all football equipment, including helmets, shoulder pads, girdles, jerseys, and pants, for both schools. The Pop Warner team will get footballs, mouthpieces, cleats, blocking pads, and tackling sleds.


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