LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar reported an increase of 5,622 active registered voters in the Silver State during the month of August 2023 compared to July 2023. 

According to a media release from the secretary’s office, the total number of active registered voters in Nevada is 1,904,716, an increase of 0.3%. The increase was fueled by new nonpartisan voters, with 6,777 of them registering last month. Both major parties saw slight drops in numbers, with the total of statewide Democrats decreasing by 936, while the total count of active Republican party members fell by 89.

Of the 1,904,716 active registered voters in Nevada:

  • 600,946 are Democrats (31.55%);
  • 551,001 are Republicans (28.93 %);
  • 611,889 are Nonpartisan (32.12%);
  • 83,225 are members of the Independent American Party (4.37%);
  • 16,413 are members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (0.86%); and
  • 41,242 are members of other minor political parties (2.17%).

The latest voter registration breakdown can be found under the Elections tab at or by clicking here.

All Nevada counties offer online registration, which can be found here. You can also fill out a mail-in registration form here. If you would like to register to vote in person, you may do so at any Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle office, your county clerk or registrar of voters’ office, or various other social service agencies, as well as on college campuses.


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