LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -The Nye County Sheriff recently took to social media with a message to drivers who may be thinking about fleeing deputies in their cars.

“Our agency here at NCSO, we will pursue fleeing vehicles,” said Nye County Sheriff Joe McGill in a Facebook post.

The Sheriff called the issue an ongoing problem.

“I just pulled the stats. We’ve had 61 vehicle pursuits since the first of the year. That’s quite a bit,” Sheriff McGill told FOX5.

The latest chase happened Monday morning. The sheriff’s office says deputies “forcibly stopped” the driver of a stolen Tesla when it got too close to kids who were outside at a bus stop.

“They were waiting for the bus to arrive. So, they were standing on the street corner totally unprotected,” said Sheriff McGill.

The sheriff’s office says no kids, deputies or suspects were hurt.

“There are going to be those times when we’re going to terminate a pursuit if the circumstances warrant. However, here in Nye County, we do have a lot of open roadway, much less dense traffic than in Las Vegas that you’re used to. And so, there are times when the benefit outweighs the risk in our case. And so, we will continue to pursue often when another agency may not,” said the sheriff.

FOX5 asked the sheriff about some who may not want deputies to chase cars and terminate chases quicker.

“Unfortunately, it is at times a necessary evil. You don’t want to give that message of ‘we’re going to let you go if you don’t stop,’” said the sheriff.

McGill says in many cases, people run for things like speeding or driving with a revoked license, risking a felony charge and prison time.

“It just makes absolutely no sense,” said the Sheriff.

He wants people to know that fleeing authorities just isn’t worth it.

“If a life is taken as a result of a crash, that’s murder,” Sheriff McGill said in the Facebook post.

“Don’t endanger your safety, our safety or the safety of the public just trying to get out of a speeding ticket. Just pull over, get your ticket, deal with it later in court,” said Sheriff McGill.

The Sheriff urges everyone to drive safely.


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