LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – FOX5 has obtained a copy of a class action lawsuit filed this week against CCSD.

A cyberattack on the school district began last month and the plaintiffs claim there has been a subsequent leak of hundreds of thousands of student files.

FOX5 spoke with the plaintiff Erin Timrawi and Tim Timrawi back in October when news of the cyberattack on the district first broke. Tim Timrawi is an information technology expert. The Timrawi’s own a cyber security company in Las Vegas and also have a child at a CCSD school.

FOX5 has obtained a copy of a class action lawsuit filed this week against CCSD.

“It is our job to protect our children… Having our kids before reaching adulthood, having their information online on the dark web is for me a bridge too far. This is where we have to stop and make a stand. I am not willing to allow them to use my kid as a guinea pig,” Tim Timrawi contended.

The complaint alleges CCSD has a duty under both state and federal law to protect the information they store on students, their families, and staff. The suit claims CCSD’s system was breached before in 2020 and they should have seen this attack coming. “This was an entirely foreseeable event that could and should have been prevented but was not, due to the negligent design of CCSD’s network,” the suit states.

The civil complaint cites the school district’s “recklessness” and it says that CCSD is “in violation of numerous regulations and standards.” It also said that the defendant “failed to implement reasonable and adequate security procedures” to protect the data that was stolen.

The lawsuit also states: “To date, CCSD has failed and/or refused to fully and adequately notify victims of their attack that their personal information was improperly accessed and stolen.”

The lawsuit seeks relief including damages, injunctive relief, equitable relief, attorney’s fees, and other expenses.

FOX5 reached out to CCSD about this lawsuit but have not heard back.

As FOX5 has previously reported, the hackers have messaged us sending proof of their access to private student files. They messaged again Thursday saying they still have access to CCSD’s network.



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