LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Court documents reveal a host of alleged illegal activities committed by a woman who was arrested for fraudulently impersonating a Las Vegas attorney.

Cenia Poulsen, also known as Cenia Alejandra Delpozo, 36, was arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on January 16. She is facing 17 felony charges, including theft, forgery, and preparing or delivering simulated legal documents.

An arrest warrant obtained by FOX5 sheds more light on the alleged crimes the suspect committed. Police interviewed multiple witnesses who reported paying Poulsen for legal services, including a recruit at the LVMPD Academy who learned that his divorce papers were never legally filed in court.

That recruit’s case was the first investigated by police, beginning when they learned about the fraudulent documents on July 17, 2023. The report notes that Poulsen had “repeatedly portrayed herself as an attorney” since at least January 2022.

The warrant also noted that Poulsen worked as a case manager for a valley law firm for approximately one month in 2023. During that time, she reportedly used a firm credit card to steal $7,356. A representative from the law firm told police that they were unaware how Poulsen would have access to the credit card or credit card number “aside from discreetly and unlawfully obtaining it.”

The arrest warrant included a text exchange between the suspect and a work supervisor who voiced her shock at the incident. Poulsen asked the supervisor to claim that the suspect was fired due to poor work performance.

“I just don’t want them to know it was me,” Poulsen reportedly said in a text message. “I’m embarrassed. This is not who I am.”

The warrant also reported that in addition to impersonating an attorney, Poulsen reportedly forged a judge’s signature on documents and used false filing stamps on them. Investigators met with a Clark County judge who confirmed that one such signature was not hers, and added that she did not permit anyone else to sign a Decree of Divorce on her behalf.

One case in that judge’s court was dismissed due to inactivity as the suspect reportedly continued making fraudulent “filings” in exchange for payment from an unwitting, would-be “client.”

Police said she received over $1,400 for her “legal services” in one case.

Poulsen has a status check in Clark County Justice Court scheduled for February 15. One condition of her pretrial release is that she may not be employed by any law firms.


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