LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – It is no surprise that an environmental consulting company inspection indicated asbestos in different parts of the Tropicana hotel, given its age.

It was built in the 1950′s. The Tropicana was just closed and will be demolished to make way for the new A’s baseball stadium.

FOX5 got a hold of the pre-demolition asbestos inspection for the Tropicana, which was conducted by RiskNomics for the Bally’s Corporation. The inspection indicates asbestos in duct seam sealant, fittings on fiberglass insulation throughout the basement, casino and mezzanine levels and many other areas.

The document says inspection activities were conducted in late November through mid-December. Because the hotel-casino was open at the time, the inspection said some sampling and inspections could not be fully conducted. It also said in some cases, while asbestos was present in a sample, the exact percentage was unknown.

The CDC says asbestos poses little risk of exposure if it’s intact and not disturbed. If asbestos is disturbed, tiny fibers in the air can be breathed in and get trapped in the lungs, which can cause serious health problems later in life.

“The asbestos has to come out. And the only safe and secure way to get asbestos out is to do it before you disturb anything,” said Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson.

Commissioner Gibson says the process of asbestos removal will be transparent to the public.

“We appreciated your getting the word out. At the end of the day we’re going to make sure that this is not done in the dark of night. It’ll be done with incredible scrutiny from county, trained county inspectors and administrators. And the public will be made aware. And in particular, those neighbors in that area will all know what’s going on when it’s going to happen,” said Gibson.

FOX5 reached out to RiskNomics for more context on its inspection, but so far has not heard back.


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