LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Know before you go.

That’s the message Red Rock Search and Rescue had for hikers this weekend at the Gold Strike Hot Springs Trial near Boulder City.

“Dehydration is the number 1 issue,” according to Zane Gray with Red Rock Search and Rescue. “Seems each year people don’t realize the challenges involved in hiking our trails.”

In the case of Gold Strike, it’s a substantial round trip of about 14 miles.

Not being prepared is the biggest reason people get into trouble.

“We’re here to advise people of what the trail consists of, give them some precautions, help them understand the difficulties of this trail,” added Gray.

Over the weekend the volunteer organization set up at the start of the trail to talk with hikers about what they call “Preventative Search & Rescue.” When people get lost or injured, the Red Rock Search and Rescue assembles a team to find them, give them water and help them out.

Gray said they do a lot of those type of rescues they call assists. As for full on rescues “we did 6 to 8 last year,” he added.

Plenty of water is the key to survival along with proper footwear, electrolytes and snacks.


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