LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has reported that portions of a double murder that happened in the city last week were captured on surveillance video at the scene of the shooting.

On June 5, Metro received a call from someone reporting two dead bodies at his neighbor’s house. Upon responding to the scene, police found the bodies and believed that the victims had been dead for multiple days. Police also found a surveillance camera on the dresser of the room where the bodies were found.

On the video, police watched as two Hispanic individuals entered the room at around 2 a.m. on June 4. According to police, the pair negotiated a transaction involving a vehicle and money owed to one of the victims.

Police said that one of the suspects produced a gun at 2:17 a.m. and was seen shooting the victim in the back of the head. The suspects began to leave the room and encountered the second victim, telling her that the first “shot himself” and the clip ended.

“It should be noted, the area where [the second victim[ was last seen on video was just above where her body was ultimately located on the floor; however, the view of the floor was obstructed due to the dresser the camera was perched on,” police wrote in a report.

“It was apparent Suspect #1 shot [the second victim] in the head just after the video clip ended as she entered [the first victim’s] room to check on him after hearing the first gunshot. Suspect #1 stood in the doorway of [the] room laughing and yawning for approximately 18 seconds before exiting and closing the door to [the] bedroom,” the report added.

Two people are accused of open murder in a shooting that killed two earlier in June.

Police investigated cell phones seized as evidence and determined through messaging history that one of the suspects, Guillermo Ramirez Lastre, owed one of the victims about $4,5000 for a vehicle and that the suspect was “visiting the night of the murder to allegedly pay his debt.” During the execution of a search warrant at Ramirez Lastre’s home on June 11, police also took the second suspect, Dianelys Fernandez, into custody.

Fernandez reportedly had a distinctive black tattoo that matched that of Suspect #2 seen on surveillance. Fernandez said she was brought to the home in Ramirez Lastre’s car but stayed in the vehicle and claimed she didn’t go inside the victims’ residence and was dropped back at home after the incident.

When confronted with surveillance video, Fernandez said she did go inside, but only to the living room area. Fernandez then admitted to lying, but said she didn’t witness the first murder. She told police she heard a loud noise, then saw the victim fall to the floor, got scared and left.

On the way home, she said Ramirez Lastre said “nothing happened,” and told her not to worry about it. Despite being confronted multiple times, Fernandez continued to say she didn’t see the victim get shot.

Ramirez Lastre acknowledged he was seen on surveillance video in the victim’s room but claimed nothing happened. He told investigators that he “just smoked meth there.”

When police showed him the video, he said the person on surveillance didn’t look like him. Police pointed out that he had just admitted that he was the person in the footage. 

He repeated that it didn’t look like him. Police said in the video, he had longer, dark-colored hair that was now short and bleached blond, which they believe was to conceal his appearance.

The defendants have an initial appearance scheduled in Clark County Justice Court on June 17.


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