LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The man accused of attempting to kidnap an 11-year-old last week told police he was only “urinating” when he exposed himself, an arrest report reveals.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, officers responded to an undisclosed location around 2:38 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 15. Officers were advised that an unknown Hispanic man exposed himself to an 11-year-old female as she was walking home from school.

In an interview with the girl’s father, he told officers that his daughter was approached by a black car, which she approached because she believed it was her Uncle’s car. Then, an unknown Hispanic male exited the car and told the girl to walk toward him. As the girl approached the car, the man “exposed his genitals and began touching himself,” according to the arrest report.

The girl ran away immediately after it became clear what the man was doing. She fled to a nearby house residence and asked a couple getting into their vehicle for help, and asked them to walk her home. The couple walked her home, where she told her family what happened, which prompted one of her relatives to call the police.

Police officers obtained surveillance footage of the incident from a residence in the area.

Las Vegas police are asking the public to help identify a man accused of attempting to lure an 11-year-old into his vehicle.

Police identified the suspect as 31-year-old Camorlinga Malagon from surveillance footage from a gas station, which showed him pumping gas into his vehicle nearly an hour after the incident.

Malagon was located by officers in a Target parking lot in the northern valley, and taken into custody. Upon being questioned by police, Malagon claimed he had come to Las Vegas from Fresno to look for work, and initially denied interacting with any females. When shown a still of his interaction with the girl, he denied that it was him in the photo, and claimed he was driving through the area to look for work.

Officers further pressed Malagon about the fact that the vehicle in the still was identified as him, which led him to admit that he did ask a girl if her father was doing construction on a nearby roof.

“He stated at no point did he do or say anything inappropriate to the girl but later upon being advised of video surveillance, claimed that he had to urinate on the street because he really had to go bad and that he apologized if she took it the wrong way,” the report states.

A search warrant was obtained to search Malagon’s vehicle for evidence of the clothing worn during the incident. They discovered the tan sweater Malagon was seen wearing in the surveillance footage, as well as a cellphone with a battery removed and no SIM card, as well as a “toy firearm.”

Malagon was booked on charges related to lewdness and attempting to lure a child on Friday.

He is due in court for a status check on a criminal complaint on Wednesday, Feb. 21.


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