LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Rideshare and taxi drivers will have a chance to cash in thanks for a special surcharge for Super Bowl weekend.

This is welcome news to the drivers who talked with FOX5, after feeling slighted by the plan surrounding F1 week.

“We should’ve had higher surges,” one driver said about F1 week rates. “If you pick somebody up at Allegiant Stadium, it’s $20, but if you pick somebody up at one of the Formula 1 pickups, it was only a $10 surge.”

“I did drive some for F1 and then I just had to give up because it was just not worth the effort,” another driver said. “F1 may have been good for the casinos, but for the people who work for a living as far as driving, it was a catastrophe.”

Fans get a chance to experience a variety of events leading up to The Big Game.

After that disappointment, there’s a strong focus on maximizing super bowl week. One driver would like to see even higher rates, though, arguing that a $25 dollar surge rate for the designated pickup zone at the Delano should be more widespread.

“It should be $25 all around because if anybody can afford to pay the hot tickets, then they should be able to pay a $25 surge from any area if you get dropped off at the football game,” he said, pointing out that other industries do the same. “You’re paying extra for anything that has to do with the Super Bowl right now, but rideshare, we don’t get any extras, which I feel is not fair.”

Overall, drivers who talked with FOX5 shared a sense of optimism seeing the rise in surge rates for this week.

“Hopefully it’ll be a lot better for the Super Bowl than it was for F1,” a driver told us. “They can’t keep missing these opportunities when these people are here.”


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