LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – In 2022, FOX5 highlighted the story of Kane. A 17 to 18-year-old dog with disabilities that was abandoned by a family. Kane had arthritis and was partially deaf and partially blind.

A Las Vegas dog rescue hopes someone will adopt an 18-year-old dog

Kiss My Paws Rescue tried for months to find Kane a forever home but adopting out large and senior dogs is difficult. However, Ewa and Phil Halverson saw our story and adopted Kane. They told FOX5 at the time they did not want to see any old dog die in a kennel, so they took the senior dog home.

“He made us laugh every day for 20 months,” said Ewa Halvorson.

“He loved going for walks, sniffing everything in sight,” said Phil Halverson.

“Kane” and two other dogs with him were abandoned by a family and some rescue groups stepped in to save them from being put down.

But the couple says Kane’s very old body was getting tired, and he needed a long rest.

“So, we humanely helped him cross the rainbow bridge,” said Ewa Halverson.

The couple wanted to thank Kiss My Paws Rescue and the person who fostered Kane until they adopted him. They also say adopting a senior dog has challenges but called it a rewarding experience.


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