LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – 200 small businesses will be showing off their skills during the Super Bowl.

With 24 days left, it is getting closer to crunch time to make sure everything is ready for those attending the big game.

On Wednesday morning at the Curly Top Bakery, it smelled like a sweet campfire as they were preparing their special cookies with chocolate chips, graham crackers and marshmallows. Owner Angela Pepe said their special campfire cookies were a hot pick for the Super Bowl Business Connect Committee.

“We got about a thousand made, we got about a couple thousand more to go,” Pepe added. “They liked the different kind of cookie going in like a showstopper and this was one of their top choices.”

The committee picked local and diverse small businesses to please the crowd for the big game.

“Never thought I would have the opportunity to have my cookies showcased to the Super Bowl, let alone team players tasting our cookies,” Pepe said.

Pepe also said her bakery has gotten a lot of extra business since being selected. With 500 pounds of butter and 1,000 pounds of flour, they expect to make up to 5000 cookies.

If cookies are not enough to fill your sweet tooth, you also have funnel cakes from Braud’s Funnel Cake stand in Town Square. They will be at the tailgate party at Allegient Stadium.

Co-owner Elbert Braud said they have been preparing for a few weeks now.

“This is overwhelming sometimes, you know,” Braud said.

They hope to serve up to 1,000 funnel cakes during the Super Bowl.


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