LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Some healthcare companies protested at the Grant Sawyer Building on Monday.

Service providers that are paid out by agencies like Medicaid say they’ve only been getting partial paychecks, or none at all. Companies blame a cyber-attack and switching to a new portal for the delays.

“Personal Care Service providers are vital caregivers and serve Nevada’s most vulnerable residents. The issues with the Nevada Medicaid Electronic Visit Verification system and the recent cyberattack are clearly having an unfortunate impact on these providers’ businesses and their ability to pay employees,” said Nevada Medicaid Public Information Officer Ky Plaskon in a statement.

Plaskon also said the Nevada Medicaid team was able to find a “workable resolution” last week and many personal care providers will be getting paid by Friday.

One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said her son is her caregiver. He told FOX5 he hasn’t been paid since December. The son and mother live together in an apartment and say their lights were shut off because they couldn’t pay the bill. The woman said they also will be evicted if they can’t come up with rent money soon.

“It puts me in a position to where I’m just afraid to be on the streets, with all the health issues that I have,” said the woman.

Plaskon said the impacts are even more devastating for smaller personal care providers that operate “within thin margins.”

“Nevada Medicaid is extremely grateful for their continued service and sincerely apologizes for the challenges faced as a result for these providers and our recipients,” Plaskon said.

FOX5 asked how many companies and employees are impacted by this, and if all will be paid all the way back to November by Friday. But so far, we have not heard back from Nevada Medicaid officials.


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