LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Clark County School District substitutes say they are not being paid what the district promised. They say they are needed now more than ever, filing the gap and keeping classrooms running during the ongoing critical teacher shortage.

Earlier this year, they were promised a bump in pay but say that has not happened.

“On September 18, 2023, CCSD subs received an email outlining a new pay structure for subs who work at a select number of schools with high vacancy rates,” described substitute teacher Brandon Summers, but he contends the district has dropped the ball.

“CCSD has a habit of doing things prematurely and half-baked,” Summers asserted. With 1,500 reported teacher vacancies right now and a dire need to get subs in those classrooms until licensed teachers are hired, subs were promised an incentive. At certain high-need schools pay was supposed to be $225 a day for elementary (schools in the Transformation Network) and $215 for some middle and high schools. The rate change should have been effective September 18th, some eight weeks ago according to subs.

“None of the pay increase has been or is currently being paid to those teachers that stepped up,” reported Allison Tony, a substitute teacher with CCSD for 5 and a half years. Tony says currently more than 1,200 fulltime subs working everyday are keeping the district afloat.

“It is important that this board understand how serious pay issues continue to plague substitute teacher ranks. We routinely have to chase our pay at each of the sites we work at because jobs are coded wrong or pay isn’t approved in time. For many, it just reinforces our sense of frustration for what’s in place. We are asked to be patient; well patience doesn’t pay the bills,” Tony told the CCSD Board of Trustees.

FOX5 took these concerns directly to CCSD who sent the following statement:

New pay rates for Transformation Network Schools and high vacancy schools substitute teachers will take effect November 29, 2023. This will include the dates worked from November 13, 2023, through November 21, 2023. Retroactive pay for September 18, 2023, is currently being implemented by our Human Resources Division.


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