LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Gamblers looking for action on Super Bowl Sunday now have more options than ever thanks to proposition wagers, more commonly known as “prop bets.”

Instead of focusing on the game result or which team covers the point spread, prop bets can be placed on almost every other aspect of the game—from the opening coin toss to the winner of the game’s MVP award.

“Prop bets for The Big Game are really the game within the game,” said Chuck Esposito, Race and Sportsbook Director at the Red Rock Casino. He added that his book’s packet of prop bets is about 30 pages long.

“It makes it so much fun, if you’re a ten-dollar bettor or a bigger bettor,” he added.

Esposito said that prop bets now make up more than 50% of the book’s handle on the Super Bowl. The Red Rock sportsbook started planning theirs before they even knew this year’s matchup.

“We started hammering them out,” he explained. “It’s fun for us too. This is a really fun week for us.”

As for the Chiefs’ star tight end’s girlfriend, the Red Rock even found a way to incorporate her into the betting action despite restrictions that all prop bets must be based on action on the field: whether Travis Kelce’s number of catches on Super Bowl Sunday will match or exceed Taylor Swift’s number of platinum albums, 10.

“Tight End vs. Pop Star” is just one of the prop bets on the board in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl(FOX5)

As of this writing, a $100 wager on Kelce to top Swift’s total would pay out a cool $450 in winnings.

“It’s drawing a lot of attention and everyone seems to be having fun with that one,” Esposito noted. He added that bettors hoping to bet on a postgame marriage proposal will be disappointed.

“All of our props, we really want to cater to what’s going on in the game,” he said. “It has to be something tied to the game.”

Esposito said that Kelce-related bets have drawn a lot of attention. He also noted that prop bets make seemingly mundane plays in the game a lot more exciting on the sportsbook floor.

“You’ll hear the crowd erupt on a guy making a reception and it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, he was over four and a half, that’s his fifth reception, somebody had a winner there,” Esposito said.

He also observed that a tight end has never won the Super Bowl MVP award before. Taylor’s boyfriend is currently available on the board at 9-1 odds for that bet.


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