LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – With Super Bowl festivities this week and the big game Sunday, security is tight.

There are layers of security. This week there are a number of local, state, and federal agencies working together to keep everyone safe.

At a joint news conference Monday, law enforcement shared they now have resources in place looking for human trafficking and its victims.

“We will be targeting the transnational criminals who seek to benefit from such a heinous activity,” stated Cheryl Davies, Lead Field Coordinator with Customs Border Protection.

One strategy to deter this type of crime is a large police presence, not only at the Super Bowl events, but also at places like the airport.

Agencies are also honing in on counterfeit merchandise sales.

“Last year alone, we seized just under $23 million in counterfeit sports merchandise,” Davies revealed.

Hundreds of thousands of people will be in Vegas this week ahead of the big game and they are all a target of people trying to sell illegal fan apparel and goods, even Super Bowl rings and Lombardi trophies.

“The merchandise you see on display today is nothing compared to the millions of fake goods that criminals will try to sell online, on the street, and through other unauthorized sources,” shared Davies at the news conference standing in front of a table of seized goods.

Just this past weekend, more than 4,500 counterfeit items worth just under $1 million were already seized. This operation will continue through Super Bowl weekend and into the week after. Homeland Security also explained the negative impacts these sales can have on all parties involved.

“Often times, these items are produced by victims of labor exploitation, the goods are illegally imported and smuggled into the US and often pose a health and safety danger to the consumer,” contended Christopher Miller, Special Agent in Charge with Homeland Security Investigations, Las Vegas

While you may think you are getting team gear for less, it can cost big time. People who buy these items using a bank card or credit card are giving away financial info to criminals who can use it however they want.


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