LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Taxi and rideshare companies roll out new incentives for drivers to work during the Super Bowl and brave the grueling traffic in Las Vegas when hundreds of thousands of tourists come into town.

FOX5 told you how, in November, companies offered a $15 taxi surcharge for certain rides during the week of the F1 race, after concerns that too many drivers wanted to take the days off. Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft also offered incentives for rides.

Drivers have told FOX5 for months, they’ve had fewer rides per day while they were often stuck in traffic caused by F1 disruptions.

The Nevada Taxicab Authority granted a $10 surcharge to drivers from noon on February 9 through noon on February 12. “There will be a $10.00 per trip fee on every trip originating and/or terminating around the airport/Strip Corridor to include the area around Allegiant Stadium,” the Authority states on its web site, also offering a map of the area. Drivers told FOX5 and taxicab companies that tourists balked at the $15 surcharge for F1.

“The drivers still don’t feel that $5 is worth anything. You can’t get a cup of coffee and a doughnut for $5. $10 gets their attention–and it’s also not going to be as painful for the riding public. I think $15–even though we feel it was warranted for F1- was not as well received as we would have liked by the public when they first got in the vehicles,” a taxicab company representative told the Authority.

Taxi driver “Ovi” tells FOX5, he lost roughly $300 per week leading up to F1. “$10 for the Super Bowl is sure, a nice extra. It doesn’t really benefit us entirely,” he said, noting some of that surcharge goes to the company. Independent contractors get the whole $10.

Rideshare company Uber tells FOX5, they will offer drivers similar incentives given during F1 with surge pricing; details are still being finalized with the Super Bowl and the NFL.

Lyft provided FOX5 the following statement:

“The Super Bowl provides a great opportunity for drivers to earn, and we are working closely with Las Vegas and NFL officials to ensure a positive rideshare experience for everyone. In addition to the large number of rides we are expecting, we’re also planning increased incentives for drivers the week of the game. This should help ensure there are enough drivers to meet demand and that it’s worth it for them to be on the platform. It’s all part of our effort to ensure both riders and drivers have a positive experience for the event.”

Some rideshare drivers are committed to hit the roads, while others are adamant they will not.

“The traffic is too much with the construction. That’s waiting time we don’t get paid,” one driver said.

“It’s been a couple of slow months, so we’re expecting to make some good money,” another driver said.


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