LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – On Wednesday afternoon, the Clark County Education Association announced that it had reached a “historic contract agreement” with the Clark County School District.

According to a media release, an arbitrator rendered his decision by accepting the negotiated agreement between CCEA and CCSD on December 20.

“This contract represents a pivotal moment in the longstanding efforts to get a qualified licensed educator in every classroom by addressing recruitment and retention issues through increasing compensation for educators in Clark County.”

Clark County Education Association, December 20

The agreement comes after a protracted period of negotiations and disputes between CCEA and CCSD. The central issues revolved around educator compensation and securing resources for special education teachers and staff in high-vacancy schools, mainly in the district’s urban core.

CCEA said that its proposals aimed to recruit and retain educators, ensuring competitiveness with other western states, and noted that the historic agreement “reflects these priorities.”

Following an impasse declared by the District on September 12, an arbitrator appointed in December directed both parties to resume negotiations. The resulting agreement, amounting to $755 million over two years, funded by SB231 and general fund monies, stands as the “most substantial educator contract in the district’s history,” according to the union.

Key Highlights of the Agreement:

  • Year 1: 10% raise for educators July 1, 2023
  • Year 2: 8% raise for educators
  • Increase in extra duty pay from $31.50 to $50 per hour
  • $5,000 additional pay effective July 1, 2024 for Special Education teachers (self-contained & non self-contained) and teachers in Title 1 schools with 5% vacancies
  • Pay for coaches and club advisers will be tied to new entry pay
  • Salary schedule adds two more columns
  • Restore the 1.87% PERs reduction in salary
  • CCSD healthcare monthly premium contributions increased 19.7% over the term of the agreement. There will be no increase by employees toward monthly premiums.
  • Back pay effective July 1, 2023, will be disbursed starting the first pay period of March 2024.

Educators have been without a contract for half of the school year and the teachers’ union stated that, “Remarkably, CCEA won every key demand they initially brought to the table on March 30, 2023 when negotiations began.”

“As I said more than 12 months ago, teachers are the most important influence on student learning, and after more than 11 bargaining sessions that continued throughout the arbitration process, our educators will finally get the pay increases they are long overdue,” said CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara of the agreement.

According to CCSD, the estimated total general fund financial impact is $636.5 million over the biennium and the estimated SB 231 financial impact is $111 million over the biennium.

The new starting pay is $53,000, with a top salary of over $131,000, including the supplemental 1.875% increase starting with SB 231 approval by the Nevada Legislature.


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