LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Texas family hopes someone in Las Vegas can help lead them to justice and information about an accused killer. A Jeep belonging to their murdered loved one, an 88-year-old grandfather of 17, was found abandoned in Las Vegas according to Texas law enforcement. Now there’s an arrest warrant for a woman caught on camera at his home shortly before his death.

This doorbell video taken the morning of November 15 in Bandera, Texas about an hour outside San Antonio shows Robert Isaacks opening the front door of his home. It was the last hours of life.

“He was avid hunter, avid fisherman, he was retired United States Air Force. Even though I was a girl he taught me to do all the same things he taught the grandsons to do,” shared his eldest grandchild Stephanie Holan.

In the video, a woman is seen causally holding a cup behind him at the front door.

“He has a woman that no one recognized, much younger closer to my age and she entered the house…No one in my family has ever met her or known her,” Holan explained.

Another security camera later shows her exiting the back door two hours later in different clothes. Texas investigators said the woman was well known to them, identifying her as Freda Michelle Thomas who sometimes goes by the name Michelle.

Thomas is now wanted for Isaacks murder after his body found in a tarp bound with duct tape two days after he disappeared from his home. The body was discovered off of Interstate 10 in Crockett County, Texas which is on the drive to Las Vegas where his Jeep was found this month. The victim’s family hopes everyone in Vegas will keep an eye out for the woman suspected of killing him. If you do spot her, don’t confront her and call 911.

“If this happened to my grandfather and it happened that quickly, you’ve got someone who is dangerous, and I do not want this to happen to someone else,” Holan contended.

Tuesday evening, FOX5 reached out to Metro to learn more about exactly where the Jeep was found abandoned. So far, we have not heard back.


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