LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Santa isn’t just for kids to believe in. On Christmas morning several residents at Henderson Animal Shelter were able to get a special treat.

Even though they are on the nice list, the animals can’t understand why they don’t have a home.

“Even though they are at the shelter they are still important; they matter and there are people that love them,” Corissa Babbitt, the senior kennel attendant said.

The volunteers love the animals so much, they were able to show them the magic of Christmas, by hosting an event where the dogs can pick out their own Christmas toy.

Several of the new dog toys were donated by Barks Parx- a Henderson doggy daycare business. Christmas cookies were donated by the Mutt Shop. Some of the dogs weren’t amused, and some just couldn’t decide which one to choose.

The cats at the shelter were able to put on their best Christmas outfit to spend some time outside their kennel. “We try to do something special for all the animals, every thanksgiving every Christmas so that they get a treat, Santa visits them,” Babbitt said.

Though the animals were able to get a special treat, the shelter needs your help to find the animals a home. “We have been here for over 30 years and it’s amazing how many Henderson residents come in who have lived here their entire life and have no idea we exist,” Babbitt said.

The Henderson Animal Shelter has limited space but often finds themselves at capacity. Babbitt said they can have up to 15 adoptions a day, but at the same time they can see up to 10-30 animals come in as strays or surrenders.

The animals may not know why they are there, but for now they know they are being cared for.

Every animal at the shelter that is 1 year and older will have an adoption fee that is half-off for their ‘Home for the Holidays’ event.

The shelter emphasizes if you do want an animal, make sure you are getting the one that fits your lifestyle.

The Henderson Animal shelter will be back open to the public December 26 and is located at 300 E. Galleria Drive.


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