LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Kids love Legos—and apparently so do thieves.

“Our friends here around the plaza, we’re all small business owners. It’s just easier, we’re easier targets and it sucks,” said Edgar Garcia, owner of Bricks and Minifigs in the southwest Las Vegas Valley.

The business off South Fort Apache near the 215 buys and sells Legos at its store. Garcia says the shop has only been open less than a year and it’s been hit by thieves three times.

The latest incident was Sunday morning. The thief used a small hand device to break the store’s glass front door.

Garcia says the thief was after cash in the register but didn’t find any there. They then tried to break through a door to a back room and couldn’t get in.

The thief left without taking any Legos. Garcia alleges that the thief knew the layout of the shop.

Garcia says the store suffered a theft in July. He says a man is seen on surveillance footage looking at some Lego sets when he walks out of the store without paying for the Legos. Employees and customers were inside at the time.

A third incident happened in March when Garcia says a thief also broke out glass in the store’s front door. The thief made off with more Legos.

Garcia says thieves are stealing Legos that cost $500 a set. Along with the two broken windows, he is out several thousand dollars.

“Even though they might steal some sets, we’re in this for the long run and we’re not going to let small-time criminals stop us or shut us down,” he said.

Garcia is making additional security changes, including putting up a security gate outside the store. He has notified the police about all three incidents and is asking for the public’s help too. He’s asking anyone with information to let them know.


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