LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Thousands of school children in need across the Las Vegas Valley got a special surprise from Santa and much-needed school supplies and clothes.

Nine elementary schools in CCSD got a Christmas Assembly with surprise presents, items for her class, socks, and sneakers. All the children attend Title 1 Tier 1 schools, where the vast majority of families receive free or reduced lunch based on family income and needs.

Bob and Sandy Ellis have donated to schools every year for 19 years. The milestones this year:

  • 39 schools across several counties and Native reservations
  • 14,000 pairs of socks
  • 7,000 pairs of Sketchers tennis shoes
  • 5,600 toys donated

“For some of these kids, this will be the only thing they receive for Christmas. Me and my wife sold our business years ago and decided if we ever got lucky to have the extra funds, we would help the kids. What better way, this is our future generations,” Ellis said, hoping these children can grow up and also give back to their communities someday.

“These kids are so appreciative, the principal, the teachers, the staff— we’re not the heroes, it’s them. They see these kids’ needs everyday and it’s so sad. These teachers spend a lot of their own funds on supplies,” he said.

The principal at Pat Diskin Elementary, Regina Ballard, said the whole thing was a surprise.

“It was amazing. The kids knew nothing. We didn’t even let the teachers see the toys; they knew they were coming. But we wanted it to be a complete surprise, didn’t want the secrets to get out especially because the toys are fantastic.”

“There’s so much money in this town. If other people would reach out to these schools to help them, it would be a better place,” Ellis said.


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