LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – An estimated 330,000 fans will be in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl and all the events surrounding it.

They will all need rides to get to the stadium, watch parties, hotels, and anywhere else they want to go around town. Will there be enough rideshare drivers? Are drivers coming from other states skirting Nevada regulations to make a quick buck?

FOX5 has confirmed unpermitted drivers are trying to cash in on the Super Bowl crowd. Some are asking people for cash for a ride instead of going through a rideshare or taxi service.

The airport tells FOX5 they’ve busted and cited at least a dozen unpermitted drivers in the past few days ahead of Super Bowl weekend. The airport warns fans flying in to use caution.

One sign posted in the rideshare pickup area says: “Gamble at the casino, not your ride there. Only take rides booked and paid for through the Uber and Lyft apps.” Law enforcement is out looking for illegal pickups.

“I did see them out here today looking at permits. I wish they did it more,” one rideshare driver shared with FOX5. Drivers also tell FOX5 they have seen out-of-state plates in rideshare pickup areas this week, and local drivers have even shared pictures online of vehicles with California plates. In Nevada, rideshare and taxicab drivers must go through background checks and be permitted to ensure rider safety.

“Sunday, I plan on not working the Super Bowl,” one local driver shared with FOX5. While local drivers are being offered incentives by Uber and Lyft to drive this weekend, some say it’s not worth the trouble.

“I think they should pay the drivers a little bit more,” one driver explained as the reason he will be staying home. Multiple drivers say they plan to sit out the big game but jump in as football fans leave the city.

“I think Monday’s going to be the real busy day,” one driver contended.

Uber tells FOX5 they are rolling out promotions for drivers to increase earnings and help meet the demand, including a $25 surcharge on pickups from the designated pickup zone in the Delano hotel parking garage from 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. on gameday. Uber reports 100% of those surcharges go to drivers. Uber added, as is the case with any event of this magnitude, fans may encounter higher wait times and prices.

Uber shared this statement with FOX5: “The Super Bowl presents one-of-a-kind challenges, and we’re working with Clark County, the Nevada Transportation Authority, casinos operations and the NFL to help forecast demand and identify ways to improve the stadium’s rideshare operation.”


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